Our Mission & Vision


To dedicate ourselves to creating a space where the deaf and their families can learn to communicate with each other and overcome barriers through rehabilitation, education and sign language classes.

We strive, through academic education and vocational training, to ensure better academic, social and economic opportunities for the deaf, enabling them to become self-reliant and better integrated into the wider community and culture of Egypt.


We aim to foster a society with more understanding, respect and acceptance of the Deaf and support the rights and duties that the deaf have by building their capacity to be self-sustaining and developing opportunities for a better future.

Goals of the Deaf Unit

  • To educate hearing impaired children to be successful students in school and pre-vocational training.
  • Give hearing impaired children the opportunity to learn life skills about hygiene, health, cooking and how to care for others.
  • Provide opportunities for hearing impaired children and adults to interact with hearing people of varying age levels in order to better be able to assimilate into the Egyptian culture.
  • Work to change cultural assumptions and stereotypes about the deaf through building relationships and friendships.