Community Based Rehabilitation

The Deaf Unit has developed the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program to meet the needs of deaf people outside of Cairo, especially in Upper Egypt. The CBR training will gives deaf people (both adults and children) the chance to become integrated in their communities and equip them with knowledge of their rights. There are less services available for the deaf in Upper Egypt. The Deaf Unit school and boarding house has 15 students from outside of Cairo who live at the school in order to receive and education they would otherwise not have a chance to receive.

Workshops and training for parents, family and community member.

The goal of the CBR program is to take deaf education to the people in their local communities. We send teachers to train local staff in teaching methods for deaf children and run many sessions for hearing family and community members to break down stereotypes.

History has shown us that we cannot deal with rehabilitation and education separately, as they are interrelated. Most of the hearing impaired are uneducated, and as a result, there are many problems within the deaf community, including not knowing their basic rights . They are often neglected and are unable to communicate with the hearing community, which creates misunderstandings between deaf and hearing people.

Our Target Groups are the Hearing and Deaf populations in El Minia, Luxor and in Menouf

Through surveying communities in Egypt, we have found that there is a lack of basic services being provided to deaf people by the local authorities. Therefore, our aim is to reach  hearing impaired children, their families and the communities they live in, and to develop or improve services which empower young hearing impaired people and their families in the early stages in the areas of education, emotional and social development.

Our Goals for the CBR Program

  • To improve the quality of life of young hearing-impaired people throughout Egypt by providing and facilitating access to employment and income in order to promote their social and financial independence
  • To start another school for the Deaf in Luxor by the year 2016.
  • To help break down stereotypes and cultural barriers negatively impacting the deaf population of Egypt and change the culture to be more accepting of the disabled.
  • Our vision is to work city by city with all faiths. We will move cities only when the first is well established.
  • To train volunteers from the local community by giving awareness courses to the hearing parents of the deaf and try to find places for the deaf children in hearing schools
  • Hold literacy classes for the community; by teaching the parents of a deaf child how to read and write, we can change the lives and opportunities of deaf children.