For Parents, Family & Friends

and the wider community


At the Deaf Unit, we know that we cannot change a culture and improve the lives of the children through only interacting in a school setting.

Once a week in Cairo, the Deaf Unit offers Egyptian Sign Language classes to parents, other family members, friends, and community members, in order to improve their ability to communicate with deaf children and adults. This, in turn, creates a healthier atmosphere in the home and empowers the children.

We also hold classes and workshops to teach parents how to respect their children and break down cultural misconceptions about the deaf not being as capable as hearing people.

Marriage and family counseling sessions are also available for the families of deaf children, as a healthy home atmosphere is essential for the positive growth of the whole family.

For the same reasons, we are also developing our Community-Based Rehabilitation projects around Egypt. These trained teachers work within their respective communities to educate the deaf children and their families about Egyptian Sign Language and how to respect and empower the deaf.