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The Deaf Unit is a non-profit organization and we rely solely on gifts and donations received from individuals and organisations – both national and foreign – in order to do our work in the Deaf School and through our other programs.

We would like to thank all of our current partners, donors and volunteers who support this ministry. We could do not exist without you! Thank you for your partnership with us.

The Deaf Unit Cairo 01Although we ask parents with children in the Deaf School to contribute what they can to their children’s education, most of the parents are very poor.  Some contribute to their fees by bringing us food staples like oil and rice and pasta.  But none can pay the full tuition fees to cover costs, which are about (depending on ages and what the students are studying) EGP 9,000 per year (US$1,286, UK£ 851 or  € 979).

We also ask for contributions from other individuals or families who are participating in our programs but again their ability to pay the full cost is often very limited.


Community Classes at the Deaf UnitOur donors and supporters come from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes and denominations. Sometimes local groups will donate food staples; others may sponsor a few of the children; larger charities or christian organizations sometimes help fund larger projects like the CBR and Audiology clinic; others will pay a teacher’s salary for a year.

Whatever we receive, however it is given, it is greatly appreciated and it will have a huge impact not just on one life but on many.

Make your donation by Cheque or Bank Transfer, or set up a regular Standing Order

If you would like to donate through a cheque, standing order or bank transfer, please contact us at

Make your donation through the friends of the diocese in the UK and/or USA

Our Partner Organisations: the Egyptian Diocese Association in the UK, and the Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt in the USA, will accept donations on our behalf.  Please visit their websites to make your donations

Thank you!